Anytime, Anywhere; Your Doctor is In.

DearDoc provides a simple and professional way to always stay connected with your personal physician. Healthcare can actually be efficient!

Use the internet for more efficient healthcare with your personal physician
Easily obtain online consultations, medication refills and test results; schedule appointments and phone consultations
Less office visits, co-pays, travel and hassle to stay in touch
Easily pay your physician for their online service
Healthcare Professionals / Office Staff
Convert part your regular practice to online services
Get paid easily from appreciative patients
Simple setup; No integration to existing practice systems
No cost to providers
Increase your availability and service to patients while using your time more effectively

What is DearDoc?

DearDoc is a richly featured secure online communication portal for doctors and patients. Patients can request consultations and medication refills, schedule office appointments, review lab results with their doctor, and much more all online. Simple credit card payment processing is built in, which supports physician charges and collections from patients for some of their online services.

How much does it cost?

There is no cost for physicians or healthcare providers to use DearDoc. Each office uniquely configures their fees associated with services offered. Authenticated patients can pay for fee-based services via a variety of billing options including a transaction based system, a one-time fee for unlimited annual access, or a no-cost used with concierge practices.

Is it secure?

Yes. DearDoc was designed to solve the problems associated with insecure email. All personal health information is encrypted in transit using SSL and stored using best practice row-level AES-256 algorithms.

I'm intrigued. What should I do next?

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